Dreaming Big: On the Way to Where You’re Going

Dreaming big= the motto of which I tend to live my life.  Ever since I can remember, there were always instances where I wanted to do something beautifully formed in my imagination.  I could recall forming a group with my 1st grade classmates and planning a tour around the world singing Spice Girls music.  In the 7th grade, asking my mom to turn my bedroom into a hair salon since it was conveniently next to the bathroom.  Entering high school, discovering my interest in math and science and enrolling in a STEM program.  Graduating High School, deciding to venture on my own in the Big Apple in pursuit of my dreams to become an Engineer.  After college, marrying my love and finding myself living in the town I had dreamed of living in for years.

And still… I dream!

Dreaming is a beautiful thing and can add so much adventure to your days!  However, there is a danger in dreaming big to the point of having blinders on.  I could recall days (especially in my college years) where I would block out the entire universe and file it away as “I am too busy!”  Saying things like, “after I graduate, I will have more time to  [fill in the blank].”  But instead, you get busier with a full work load, new responsibilities, finding less time for friends and family.

It took me years to realize that waiting for “afterwards” never actually comes and life is continually happening all around.  I started to put into practice prioritizing what was truly important to me in my last year of college (literally the busiest year of my life!).  I was working part time, going to school (super) full time, planning a wedding and a move to another state.

But still… I found it super important to prioritize the people that mean so much to me!  So…

  • Instead of studying alone, I invited my friend to study with me.
  • Planned short coffee dates with close friends.
  • Made family calls during lunch breaks and commutes to and fro.
  • Commuted without headphones plugged in (to reconnect with the people around me).

Cannot say this was easy, but it is so rewarding!  You may not have a lot of time to carve out for friends and family but do not underestimate the power of the small moments.  When planted, they reap big rewards.  Looking back, those were some of the most memorable moments:  the longer than usual walks, working through dreams and aspirations with friends at a coffee shop, and everything in-between.

My friends, it is not always easy journeying with a big picture in my mind while taking care of the little things.  But, the smaller the pixels, the better the picture.  I challenge you to take care of the little things on the way to where you’re going.


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