Creating a Cozy Home Office Update: Part I

About two years ago, we moved down from NYC to Virginia Beach with the newly wed furniture suite- his/her furniture from college/childhood/parents/etc.  And boy were we grateful for it then and even more now!  This enabled us to focus on other “newly” things like adapting to a new city, new jobs, new church, new neighbors, new finances and so on.

Nearing the end of our debt free journey, I am slowly situating our home to the lifestyle we have developed within the last two years;  Beginning with the guest room!

We currently rent an apartment where we have a spare bedroom for out-of-town guests and a functioning desk to work on every so often.  Since we find ourselves working out of the room more often than hosting, I decided turn that bad boy into a well functioning office.

Let me tell ya- when it comes to change, I feel both terrified and excited all at the same time!  And as much as I do not like to admit it, I love thrive in routine!  Everything has a home in my casa.  At the same time, I get a thrill of satisfaction when I discover things that actually do not belong and could have so much more value elsewhere.

Can you relate?

Absolutely nervous about the change, I scheduled an appointment for Salvation Army to pick up the queen bed and dresser.  This is how I voluntarily place a little urgency and make things happen!

No thy self, they say. 🙂

As a side note:  If you ever plan to give it away furniture, Salvation army will pick it up for free and provide a receipt for a tax deduction.  The only downside is you may have to wait the entire day of your scheduled pick-up.  Having prior knowledge of this, I used the day to clear out the room, purge, clean, and plan the layout/feel of the update.

I take my sweet time when it comes to making big purchases to make sure I am adding value to my home and not just things… So it normally takes me a few months to complete a project.

We still plan on hosting out-of-town guests, so we are aiming for the warm office feel with a place for rest.

To that end, here’s to part one of progress made so far:

Guest Room

Creating a Cozy Home Office Update: Part I

Preparing Furniture for Salvation Army Pickup

Creating a Cozy Home Office Update: Part I

Gone.Creating a Cozy Home Office Update: Part I

I found myself feeling more excited than nervous after Salvation Army picked up the furniture.  So, looking forward to this refresh!

More updates to come!

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