How to Build Savings as a Spender

As a natural spender, saving money can feel super boring!  Like the pumpkin that turned into Cinderella’s carriage, you sit there waiting for the money to do or turn into something (anything)! And while it may feel like an impossible task, it is totally possible.  So, without further ado, here are some of the ways I am trekking my way through building up the savings.

1. Give Proportionally

I know that this sounds completely opposite to savings but hear me out… Spenders are also natural givers!  We easily give because we do not care to hold on to the money.  So, because this is a part of who you are, continue to do so (proportionally)!  This is one of the greatest motivation in the season of  building an emergency fund.  In our household, we decided that a portion of our emergency fund is someone else’s emergency.  So if we see a need that we feel led to give, we do so.

2. Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

As you put money away, also leave a small portion of money in the checking for things not anticipated when you first created the monthly budget.  For instance, giving towards a fundraiser, a get together with friends, a birthday party, etc… This prevents the “transferring back” from the savings to the checking and build the savings at a pace that is reasonable to your lifestyle.  After all, it’s the slow and steady that finishes the race.

3. Give Your Savings a Purpose

The beautiful gift of the spender, is you can easily think of so many things to spend your dollar.  Whether it’s giving, finding a way to make someone’s day, or to freshen up your home, the ideas comes so easily!  My fellow spender:  I commend you to use this beautiful gift and think more long term.  Think of what it would look like to cut checks to your child’s college, help pay for your parents care, pay someone’s car loan off, stand in the gap when someone loses their job.  Incredible, huh?!

So, for all my fellow spenders, just know that building a savings is completely possible and your pumpkins will turn into the carriages in due time!

If you are a spender, I’d love to hear how you navigate your way through building a savings. 🙂


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