3 Affordable Ways to Uplift Your Workstation

So, recently, I made a few adjustments to my workstation and must share!  For awhile, I have contemplated purchasing a full computer (monitor, keyboard, and all!).  However, since I’m working to get out of debt in the near future, I am holding off on making  any big purchases that would delay debt freedom.

So, I sought out alternative ways  to make my current work-on-laptop situation more comfortable and more inviting to work on.

Here’s a few hacks that have made working on my laptop so much more enjoyable.

Travel Well- Bring Back the Backpack

I used this baby in my undergrad… and boy was it sweet to bring it back to life again!  Not only is it sleek, but it also has:

  • A padded area to store your laptop,
  • A separate pocket for the charger,
  • And thick cushion straps that makes holding heavy things, so much lighter!

3 Affordable Ways to Uplift Your Workstation

Did I mention the super cute print inside the bag?!

I don’t think they sell this particular print anymore, but here’s a link to ones similar to mine.

Amazon: Ogio Bag $79.99 (The price has not budged since I bought this a few years ago)  But, it is completely worth the price!

3 Affordable Ways to Uplift Your Workstation

Create a Workstation with a Lap-Desk  

When working from home, I use the latest addition to my workstation, the Lapdesk.  Seriously, there are so many reasons why this makes working so much more comfortable; naming a few:

  • Cushion bar at the edge,
  • Mouse pad section,
  • And the smartphone holder [Genius!]

Best Buy: LapDesk XL by LapGear $47.99 (Match Priced Amazon)

3 Affordable Ways to Uplift Your Workstation

You Need a Mouse… And a Wireless One

This changed the game for me.  This makes scrolling, drag-and-drop, editing, and all the other little navigation(s) so incredibly easier to manage.  If you do not have a mouse, you need to make having one, happen! 🙂

Best Buy: Logitech Wireless $12.99

3 Affordable Ways to Uplift Your Workstation

So there you have it- some affordable ways to situate your workstation.

What are some ways you make your workstation more manageable?

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