4 Ways to Find Money without Taking On Another Job

Ever stare at your budget and wonder “there has to be another way to save…another thing we can do without!”  Well, if I am the only crazed one, here, then I am okay with that. 🙂  Without further a due, please allow me to share 4 ways I put money back into our cash flow.

1. The Infamous $5 Coffee- 

They made these babies for the home!  Yes, they do.  If you cannot see yours days without your routine visit, I suggest reading my post on How to Resist the $5 Cup of Coffee .

2. The $10 Lunch- 

Cook a little extra for dinner and plan some of your days where you take some leftover meals to work.  While you’re at it, purchase a cute lunch tote for a little motivation!

3. The $40 Dry Cleaning Service- 

An “at-home” dry cleaning system serves as a good substitute to refresh delicate clothing.  I, personally, use Dryel and this works wonders for in-between washes!

4. The $20 Barber Shop- 

With the vast array of YouTube videos, it is easy to pick up a skill in the barber trade.  The beautiful thing is that most clippers come with guards.  So, give it a go and save some money!

So, there you have it;  4 ways to save money and put it back in your cash flow!  What are things you do to save money on everyday essentials?

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