4 Ways I Persevere through Tiredness

Ever feel tired and unmotivated to take action or complete projects?  Maybe you just don’t feel like doing the simple day-to-day tasks?

[Raises hand]  I will be the first to say, that from time to time, I definitely have my moments!  But, when I start to feel the struggle, I search for ways to get out of the tired cycle.

Whether you are juggling long work days, classes, family needs, or home life, small steps can make a big difference in how you stay motivated and increase your productivity.

Here are some of the ways I persevere through tiredness:

1. Have a Snack

Snacks are my favorite way to keep my brain busy while working through projects.  Throughout the day, you can catch me eating anything from a buttered toast to a piece of fruit.  Whatever your snack of choice, make sure to keep it light and simple, so you can eat while getting projects accomplished. 🙂

2. Stand Up & Get Moving

Sitting for a long period of time, has a way of inviting sleepy into the world of productivity.  Simply standing up, can make the difference from falling asleep to being productive.  Never fails to give me a boost of energy!

3.  Put on Some Music 

Nothing like jamming to my favorite tunes, to get me going.  I can literally feel like a blob.  Then, turn on my favorite song and feel like there is really no limit to what I can accomplish.  If you can relate, then you know that you may be 1 song away from changing your whole attitude and outlook on life!

My Power Up Song (at the moment): “Wake Up” by All Sons & Daughters

4.  Take a Power Nap

Can’t do any of the above?  Take a Power Nap!  If you are deep sleeper (like me), set up an alarm so you don’t end up sleeping for 2-3 hours!  A good rest of about 15-30 minutes should suffice.  Afterward your snooze, try doing steps 1 through 3 to build up your energy again!

How do you persevere through tiredness?  Share in the comments below. 🙂

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