A Day Well Spent: A Holiday Itinerary at Virginia Beach

As a new resident to the beach side of Virginia, one of things I get to enjoy is making an itinerary for my loved ones when they come to visit.  This normally consists of research of things to do, restaurants that we would like to go or have recently discovered, budgeting, stocking up on household items, and cleaning until it looks like a model home.  So if you find yourself hosting or even wondering what a day in the life of Holiday in Virginia Beach might look like, feel free to read on!  I put together an itinerary example of how I would spend the day with friends/family in Virginia Beach.

Breakfast at Home

Ever wake up in a relative’s house to the smell of bacon?  Absolutely, nothing like waking up to the sizzling sound of bacon, the cling clang of pots and pans, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee to top it all off.  Always a wonderful gift to offer guests: cooking a hot meal first thing in the morning.

Lunch at Doc Taylors 

For a restaurant that sits across the street from the boardwalk, Doc Taylor’s ranks as my top pick for authentic foods.  The restaurant has a very home-like feel to it, as it is literally built as a house with a fire place and a patio.  Not to mention, their budget friendly menu!

A Visit to Santa’s Seaside Village

A few blocks down,  you walk through the wonderful world of Christmas caroling, a petting farm, elves putting together gifts at Santa’s Seaside Village. They also have carnival rides open at this event.

Holiday Lights on the Boardwalk

Lighting is taken to a whole new level at the Holiday Lights on the boardwalk event!  This event brings home the idea that you can really enjoy such holiday festivities at the beach.  After going visiting the Santa’s Seaside Village, drive on through the boardwalk and enjoy the lights and the music, from 2nd street to 32nd.

Dinner at the Waterman’s Surfside Grille

After enjoying the beach-themed holiday festivities, it only makes sense to end the day eating a seafood dinner.  I chose Waterman’s Surfside Grille for the delicious food and location right on the boardwalk!

This itinerary sure doesn’t work for everyone, but maybe sparked up some ideas of things you would like to try during this holiday season.  Where are some of the places that you like to visit or ways that you like to host friends/family during the holidays?

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