A Few of My Favorite Things: Local Restaurants

Living in big cities where restaurant chains flourish, it’s always fun to find a local restaurants to dine in.  As a foodie and new resident to Virginia Beach, I picked out some local finds and my item of choice on the menu.

1. Leaping Lizard:  Serve breakfast and lunch foods.  My food of choice is the Crab Quiche with their deliciously fresh salad .

2. Doc Taylors:  Serve breakfast and lunch.  The Ray Ray is my food of choice.

3. Bay Local:  Serve brunch, lunch, and dinner. Chicken & Waffles is my menu favorite.

4. Blue Pete’s Restaurant:  Serve dinner and sometimes lunch.  My food of choice is the She-Crab Soup and Snowed Crab Legs.

5. Windy City:  Serve lunch and dinner.  If you are ever looking for Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza, this is the place to go! (great take-out option, as well)

All of the options above are not only my local favorites, but they also range from ($) to ($$), which makes it very budget friendly!

Where are some of the local restaurants you enjoy dining in your area?

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