How to Resist the $5 Cup of Coffee

I love coffee shops as much as the next person. But, I find that $5 each time you purchase a cup, can really add up to a large “unexpected” bill at the end of every month. It is not a pretty situation when you look at your monthly statement and realize that a good chunk of your money went to what was supposed to be your relaxing time in the coffee shop. Here are some of the ways that I have learned to resist the urge of spending a full $5, while enjoying the morning brew!


Be aware of how much that $5 will actually cost you. Let’s say you grab a cup on your run into work every morning. That’s $5 (coffee) x 5 (working days) x 52 (weeks) = $1,300 (yr)

That’s not including desert, might I add…

2. Start up a “Coffee Resistance Fund” 

Can you think of things you can do with $1,300? I sure can! Why not purchase a tin can and call it “the coffee resistance fund.” Start out with putting away $5 dollars for every time you resisted making that purchase and give yourself a mini vacation at the end of the year!

3. Spruce up your regular coffee!

Okay, so if you still find yourself going to the coffee shop, like Starbucks, for instance, grab the regular coffee instead. Yea, maybe it doesn’t come with a fancy name, but essentially, it is the same coffee. You can grab the $2 regular coffee and ask them to top it with whip cream and sprinkle some cinnamon spice. The plus side to this option is that they offer free refills when you download the app! (without the app, it’s 50 cents)

4. Purchase a pretty to-go cup

This works for the person that’s brave enough to go cold-turkey on the coffee shop. Purchase a pretty to-go cup and make your own from home! If the savings itself won’t motivate you, the pretty cup sure will!


Let me know some of the ways that you have resisted the $5 cup of coffee 🙂


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