Intentional Spending Tip: Unsubscribe From Junk Emails

The past Friday afternoon- in record timing, I get an email from the Redbox showcasing all of the movies they have available for the upcoming weekend.  Immediately, I pictured myself picking out a movie and enjoying good quality couch time with a bowl of hot buttery popcorn.  As the imagination of my stay-at-home movie date  ran through my mind, a thought interrupted “a-hem…is this how we intended to spend the weekend?”

With an overwhelming sense of shock and intrusion of my weekend plans, I realized that it was not… at least,  until I looked at that email.

While I realize a $1.50 movie rental would call for a good time and really doesn’t provide sticker-shock-value, I know that impulse spending starts in small numbers.  It begins when you make absolutely no plans with your time and money and allow someone/something to suggest your next move or purchase.

The chances of an email notification from your favorite store is high; considering, the choice to subscribe.  And it is far too easy to feel the sense of “it’s now or never,” when your inbox floods with waves of 75% offs, one-day sales, and limited time only’s!

So I encourage you to call the shots and take back your power to choose.   Consider the following suggestions:

  • Unsubscribe from email notifications
  • Opt out of email notifications when signing up to [your store of choice]
  • Create a separate email account (for subscriptions only)
  • Remove emails from your smart phone (check on your computer)

I used to have thousands of emails coming from my favorite stores, vacations I dreamed of taking, and beauty products I wanted but would never routinely wear.  So, I created a completely separate email account where I limit the amount of incoming subscriptions; ultimately, resulting in a lot more focused shopper with less the distractions.

Can you relate?  Share in the comments below. 🙂


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