My Journey to Health & Fitness: Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Last weekend, I signed up for a membership at one of the local gyms that are opening up in the neighborhood.  Since the gym closest to me is under construction, they waved the initiation fee ($150)!

As a side note, if you are interested in joining a gym, check to see if they are building new locations currently or in the near future- and sign up at that location.  Since they are looking to fill the new location upon opening, there is a high possibility of receiving a discounted initiation fee or reduce the monthly payments.

So, as a new gym member, I am looking forward to a fresh start to health and fitness…And for accountability purposes, I am bringing you along my journey.

After signing up… no joke, my thoughts were filling up with so many questions:

  • where do I begin?
  • how many times will I go?
  • when will I go?
  • am I going to go?

If you struggle with this, my advice:  Like Nike, Just Do It!

And like the illustration, below, I can easily overthink every-single-step-i-make.  So, I try to surround myself with the latter personalities (people who just jump right in- my husband and my closest friends)- These guys challenge me to simply “do it, scared!”

My Journey to Health & Fitness: Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Week 1

Immediately after signing up, I made my way to Kohl’s clearance section and purchased some motivation- leggings, tank, and few sports bras.

Day 1:  The day after purchasing my outfit, I marched my way to the gym.  To remove the intimidation from the strangeness of a new gym, I committed myself to walking on the treadmill.  Nothing more, nothing less!  While making my strides, I took the time to scope out the equipment, locate the locker rooms, weights, and more machines.

Day 2:  I came back 2 days later and ran/walked the treadmill (feeling more comfortable at this point).  Then, tested out some of the equipment.  The first one, I legit, sat and read the instructions before making a move- better safe than sorry right?!  Then, braved the cage… side note: the hubs helps me an immense amount when it comes to working out using free weights, bands, medicine balls, and other equipment I have no words for!

The equipment I have no-words-for: I stood on these while doing squats.  Apparently, it’s good for core while working out your legs/glutes.

My Journey to Health & Fitness: Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Day 3:  Y’all…your girl came back to the gym for the 3rd time in the same week.  I began on the treadmill, went to the cage, and duked it out.

Apparently, the cage workouts that I am slowly getting into, is “cross-fit.” I remember hearing the term before and a cord of intimidation would strike through my veins.

[Raises hand]

I am here to tell you, it is not as bad as it sounds.  It is actually a more gentle workout than the machines.  What makes it more gentle (not easy, necessarily) is that the workout compliments your body’s natural movement.  Whereas, the machines, can feel a little awkward sometimes.

For week 2, I am looking forward to another 3-day workout week!  More updates on that for another time.

If you have overcome the challenges that come with starting a new workout routine, I would love to hear some of the ways you conquered> Please share in the comment section 🙂

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