Learning Resourcefulness by the Contents in the Fridge

Looking into the contents of my refrigerator, I remember the voice of my Puerto Rican grandmother saying “what happened…you don’t go shopping?  you’re starving your husband!”  I laugh a little, just hearing her in my imagination.

Side note:  I do laugh to myself every so often. 🙂

The reality is, this is practically what my fridge looks like right before every pay day.  I normally go shopping once a week and gather all that I need and would like to eat.  Then, I make sure to eat all of it.

A few years back, I would have shopped for what I needed.  By the middle of the week, think of something to cook.  Run out to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.  Cook.  When I can’t think of a meal to cook, buy a burrito from Chipotle.  Then, open the refrigerator, to the contents I bought  three weeks ago.  Spoiled.

So now, instead of making sure the fridge stays full at all times, I make sure to fill it up one good time.   Eat all that I have bought.  And feel a sense of contentment, knowing that I didn’t let anything go to waste.

Of course this took plenty time and practice to get just the right amount of  proportions that I actually eat.  These are some of the ways that helps me eat everything in the fridge.

  • Consistency: If you plan to cook through the week and maybe venture out to a restaurant once or twice, then follow through with plans.  Deviating from plans, may end up costing something to spoil.
  • Create a grocery list with must-haves and would-likes.  This helps switch things up in the kitchen, so to keep an appetite to make the meals at home.
  • Actually buy the things you already imagine eating.  It’s easy to buy something that would look great in your diet, fridge, etc.  However, a lot of times, these things end up getting neglected, because you don’t have a plan to cook them.

So there you have it!  A few tips that may help you eat all the food sitting in your own home.  Please share in the comments below if you use any of these tips.   What tools do you use to plan meals?

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