Library Adventures: Becoming a Student Again

In recent weeks, I have been craving a good book to read.  I cannot say I have an overwhelming love for books- but, every so often, I do enjoy a good read.  So I began my search in the book store, looking up top sellers and working my way through the aisles.  Understanding how books can land on my book shelf, abandoned and unread, I left the store, empty-handed.

The following week,  I decided to stop by my local library and rediscovered the magic of the place all over again.  I not only found books, but, audio books for the listening reader, CD’s from Mozart to Bruno Mars, and DVD’s of every genre.

Free and readily available good source of education for the price of returning it back when due and free of damage.  Simply unbeatable.

Altogether excited about this new venture, I ended up borrowing:

  • Keep it Real by Lee Gutkind (creative non-fiction writing techniques)
  • Mozart- The English Concert (reading background music)
  • The Intern (loved this movie; totally recommend it)

So, all that to say… Get yo’self a library card and give it a go!  Benefits of making use of the library card:

  • Continuing Education:  Can’t remember everything you learned in school?  Me neither!  Reading is a good way to continually investing in your education.
  • Exercise Your Ability to Learn: In school, professors, classmates and counselors pushed you to complete projects, meet deadlines, and seek challenges.  Outside of school- not so much.  Reading exercises your ability to learn something new and will help you stay relevant while the working industry evolve as the years go on.
  • Surrounding Yourself with Educated People: Walking around the library, I saw groups of students, mothers with children, teenagers, professionals; people who are motivated to educate themselves and others.  I love love love to surround myself with these people (even if they are complete strangers).  They inspire me and remind me that there are simply no limits to what you can do or achieve.

Do you visit your local library?  Share in the comments below.


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