Life Lessons Learned From a Curly Hair Journey

Just before 2016’s new year, I made a promise to myself to eliminate the use of heat for a year.  At the time, I only used the flat iron on the lowest heat setting every 2-3 months.  Curiosity of how my hair would turn out with a year break from heat, led me to take the challenge.  To my surprise, not only did I learn more about my ever changing curls, I learned a few life lessons along the way.  Here they are!

Lesson #1: Perseverance

After the first 3 months of weekly twist-outs and buns, I grew tired of the same look.  I also noticed my roots growing in a different texture than the rest of my hair.  Despite my frustration, I kept up the same routine hairstyles until my roots eventually grew long enough to blend in with the rest of my hair.  As I got used to how I looked with my curly hair, my straight hair started to become a distant memory;  hence, making it easier to keep on going.

Lesson #2: Keeping My Word

I never made a huge announcement of my 1-year-heat-resistance venture.  But, I did announce it to myself and that was enough for my conscience to bear the fact that I now had to stick to it.  Every time I desired to take a little break from the combination of growing textures, my own words would echo in my mind along with the guilt of my potential actions.  The more I resisted the temptation to use heat, the easier it was to simply keep my word.

Lesson #3: Contentment

When my year of heat resistance came to a close, the question popped in my mind.  “Will I use heat again?”  Curiosity struck with the image of my springy coils becoming a long straight mane.  But there was only one difference.  I simply had no desire to feel my scalp and run my fingers through my hair.  I got used to the way I looked as a curly girl and wanted to do nothing more than to make it better.

The verdict: this commitment to myself became more than about hair, it was my own personal character building.

Ever completed a challenge that resulted with a whole new perspective?  Please share in the comments below. 🙂

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