How to Make Sense of Your Wardrobe

Ever walk into your closet and feel an overwhelming sensation as you put an outfit together for the day.   Maybe you pick out your favorite pair of jeans and get stumped the moment you go for the blouse to go with your jeans.  After trying on several blouses, in frustration, you finally say “I need to go shopping!”  Well, that was me… Feeling my wardrobe lacked every outfit in my imagination,  I would head out to the mall and purchase, yet, another blouse (pants, shoes, etc) that ended up pairing with nothing I had in the closet.

Back to square one.

After a few splurges and clothes left abandoned,  I knew that I needed to put an end to this perpetual cycle.  Not only did this frustrate my morning routine, it also wasted money on clothing I struggled to pair with my current wardrobe.

So, I worked at discovering a few ways to make the most out of my current wardrobe.

Interested?  Keep reading. 🙂

1.  Full Length Mirror

Want to know how your entire outfit looks?  Buy a full length mirror.  This has revolutionized my wardrobe (big time)!  Not having one, is equivalent to getting dressed in the dark.  For instance, ever look at yourself using a bathroom mirror?  As you know, most bathroom mirrors only reflect outfits from the neck down to the waist.  [Not even the full shirt]  Then, you may even tip toe to get an idea of what the bottom looks like.

After assessing my outfits with a full length mirror, I even accessorize.  Something I rarely did before.  Just because I see the whole picture.

2. Find out Your Body Shape

Similar to getting dressed in the dark, not knowing what clothes best suits your body type can feel a bit overwhelming.  To find out my body shape, I used Shop Your Shape.  They use your  bust, waist, and hip measurements, to calculate your body shape.  Based on your calculated body shape, they provide suggested clothing that best compliments your body.  Likewise, they provide a list of clothes that work against your shape.

3. Discover Stores that Work for Your Body

Now that you know your body shape,  check out stores that sell clothes that best suit your body and style.  I recommend using Lifehacker’s “Find the Best Brands for Your Body” as a tool to discover stores that best compliment your shape.  This works for both men and women.  Of course, these are not the only stores that will work for your body.  However,  it will give you a good base for what to look for when you venture in and out of your closet.

4. Assess Your Wardrobe Inventory

Understanding your body and clothes that best compliments you, gives you a fresh perspective to truly assess your own inventory.  A good rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in a year or two, start a donation pile!  Too big or small, add to the donation pile!   Working against your shape, add it to the donation pile!  Makes you feel sad, to the donation pile, my friends!

My Donation Pile. 🙂

So there you have it, a few ways to reassess your wardrobe.  Now you may put that full-length mirror to work and rediscover ways to mix and match the items you already have in your closet.

What are some of the ways that you make sense of your wardrobe?

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  • These are great tips! I’m definitely going to check out Shop Your Shape! My body is so different than it was before. I’d really like to feel like I look nice again! Thanks for the advice!