My Story


Hola amigos! Me llamo Daysha Lee… (kidding)  As much as I would LOVE to pull this whole “About Me” section in spanish, the reality is I am just your average Puerto Rican & African-American girl from Brooklyn, NY who can’t speak a lick of Spanish.  Ha!  I enjoy a good morro, fried chicken and a ripe avocado (Yes Ma’am!).  I am the oldest of seven; so, most days, I tend to feel wiser than I actually am……. 🙂  I enjoy long talks, strong laughs, and quiet time at the end of a busy day.


Recently, I began this new journey called marriage with my Dominican stud, Elvin and moved to Virginia Beach, VA.  Together we are learning about life, love, and finances while bringing you all on this grand journey with us.  On this little space, I hope that some of my mini wisdom nuggets and bloopers can help someone along the way. 😀