To the Person who Paid for my Coffee, Thank You!

As much as I tend to avoid the $5 Dollar Coffee, this particular Monday… that’s all I wanted.  That morning I did not fix my usual cup of coffee ( I don’t recall why?!) But by the time Noon hit, that’s  all I was thinking about.  So, I scrapped up enough change to get my $5 dollar fancy-named caffeinated beverage and charged for the coffee shop.

As I approached the barista with my chump change and excitement to order my grand sized delight, she leaned over and said “the person in front of you, put $5 dollars towards your drink.”  My reaction: SPEECHLESS.  And here’s why:

  1. I’m a planner and have weird reactions to pleasant surprises.
  2. With my logic, I tried to comprehend why someone would do such a nice thing for a random stranger.
  3. Then, I realized people do random acts of kindness all the time: but I was never a recipient of such acts.
  4. I was dressed like a decent individual on her lunch break & never heard of acts done for these individuals.
  5. Maybe, I looked like I could use a cup, now that I think about it… 🙂

But really, it all came down to this one thing… More than the cup of coffee, I needed to understand that I also need people and to acknowledge the people around me: not just the people that I knew or who I was comfortable with, but the strangers that I pass by day in and day out.  That person who paid for me, only glanced back once, only to see that someone stood behind.  It made me realize, that every once in a while, I need to stop in the middle of my well planned, structured agendas, and acknowledge those around me on the way to where I’m going.

Also, sometimes it just doesn’t matter whether the coffee is $5 or $2, but the heart behind it.  Random acts of kindness, breaks down walls.   It unites people at the core of basic human existence: from the beginning of our birth, we were solely dependable on the care and the love given.  So, every once in a while we need a little reminder, that we still need each other.

It also has a way of shedding light through dark times.  Although, I didn’t feel any type of gloom that day, I was completely grateful and in awe the entire day!  Imagine how much more, when a person is so fixated on unwelcomed circumstances.

So, all that to say Thank you to that random stranger!  I hope that this encourages you to pay it forward and spread a little cheer, one random act at a time.  I know this was encouraging to me! <3


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