Combating the Movie Theater Popcorn Smell

Ever walk into a movie theater and wonder why the popcorn that costs at least half as much as your $12 movie ticket, smell so irresistible?  Everything in you is screaming “you can’t possibly afford that popcorn!”  But somehow, that enticing popcorn smell finds a way to melt your heart along with your pockets every time you enter the theater.  And, let’s not forget the ice cold soda that goes down perfectly after your salty snack.  Oh, and the upgrades, “for only 50 cents more,” only makes sense to double the size!  This practically sums up the struggle of my movie-going dilemma, until my recent discovery.

After my recent visit to the theater, I realized my popcorn fever has lured me to fork up $6 dollars for a small bag of popcorn that I never intended to spend (plus a $6 soda)!  Does this sound familiar?  So, I have come up with a plan to combat this temptation-  I like to call it “Popcorn Pregame.”

How This Works

About a half an hour before the movie starts, I would visit the nearest Target to the movie theater and purchase their popcorn and soda combo for just $2.

Popcorn Pregame Then I walk around browsing for inspiration, while I chomp on my salty and sweet treats, which gives me the “out and about” feeling while quenching my expensive popcorn appetite before even entering the theater.  And although, you can very well make popcorn at home, I find that Target is the closest to the movie popcorn and to get that “popcorn and soda” without paying an arm an a leg for it! 

I would love to hear some of the ways that you have combated the enticing movie theater popcorn smell. 🙂


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  • Love the tip Daysha! I personally have a nice dinner or lunch before a movie so that by the time I smell the movie popcorn, I’m too full to even want it. I may or may not “sneak in” raisinets though 😉