A Road Trip to Florida

It’s the week before Christmas and we decided to journey down to Florida to see some of our relatives.   The trip from Virginia Beach to Florida takes about 11 hours, so we broke it up and prepared to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Here’s some of the ways we prepared for the trip:

Bring Plenty of Snacks

Having snacks in the car with a variety of options helped keep the belly happy, as well as, keep the mind busy while your driving on the road.


Making Hotel Reservations

Making reservations to a hotel at mid-point helped break up the trip and allowed for a good night’s rest before continuing the journey.  We stayed at La Quinta Inn for its close proximity to the highway, clean rooms, hot breakfast, and budget friendliness.

Listen to a Book

Audible offers plenty of books that you can choose from and  listen to during a long ride.  Listening to a novel played the same role as a movie would while using your eyes for the road.  This made the trip time feel much shorter as we listened with anticipation to learn what events would follow after every chapter.

Book of Choice: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


Eat at a Local Restaurant along the Way

We stopped at Tres Leches in Jacksonville, FL for lunch.  You can use the map on Yelp to find a nice restaurant along the way to your destination.  It’s refreshing to stretch your legs and find some good eats at a new town.


With a little preparation, a long trip doesn’t have to feel so long.  How do you prepare for road trips?

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