Saying “No” to the Things You Want

Several months back, we learned our way around thrift stores… At first, it was more like window shopping where we would pop in with our curiosities and out empty handed.  Eventually we found ourselves weaving in and out through aisles and walking out with an array of hidden treasures.  Nowadays, we go with expectation of walking out with something, so we set aside some spending money.

This particular morning, we found a wall full of TV’s and to my surprise, a few flat screens.  Like most thrift items, they were priced to sell yesterday and waiting for a new home.  This caught me completely off guard, and here’s why:

  1. We had a 24″ TV and really wanted a bigger one
  2. The price was right, but did not fit the budget
  3. Products tend to not make a repeat appearance in the thrift store
  4. We had to make a choice

I kid you not… We paced back and forth for about 5 minutes, trying to comprehend the choice that we had to make.  It did not help that a several people were also hovering around these particular TVs contemplating as well…

Finally, we decided to make a bold decision and leave the hidden gem behind…  Recognizing our venerability helped us understand the root of our decision.  We really wanted a larger TV for a while and had no idea that we would find it in the thrift store, but just knew it was not the right time.

The Big Take-Away:  We walked away TV-less but felt completely empowered and built some self-control.

Full Disclosure:  We eventually bought a TV, but in our own terms using the good ‘ol fashioned way: planning and saving up for it!  Way more fun than making surprise purchases.

Ever said “no” to something you’ve always wanted?  How did you feel afterwards?  Share in the comments below. 🙂

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