Spring Cleaning: Refreshing My Kitchen

I love the Spring!  Fresh blooming flowers and longer hours of sunshine has a way of bringing a sense of new beginnings… and ultimately making way for summa, summa, summa time!

One of my new favorite activities during this season is Spring cleaning!  This sort of cleaning forces you to take inventory of everything you own and re-evaluate the space you have.  These past couple of weeks, I have been sieving through my casa and scrutinizing all the details, like, “does this bring me joy?”

Kidding!  There are some things you simply can’t do without, regardless of whether it brings you joy or not.  But, a good clean and little re-organizing can make the daily grind loads lighter.

So, here are some of the ways I freshen up and re-organize my kitchen.

1. Replace the Drip Bowls 

After wiping down your stove, make it sparkle with new drip bowls.  It only costs $12 and a few minutes of your time and the stove will look good as new!  As one who spends plenty time in the kitchen, a fresh stove makes cooking just a little more exciting.  It’s the little things.

2. Contain the Plastic Bags

My plastic bags flooded my cabinets- not cute.  While going through my things, I found this Simply Human Stainless Steel Bag Holder.  At a glance, it doesn’t look like it can hold much.  But once I got to stuffing it, it held a full cabinet’s worth of plastic bags.  It even comes with a double sided tape you can stick on the wall or on the side of the cabinets.

3.Add Shelving in the Cabinets 

This is my favorite way to make the most of cabinet space.  I remember staring at my cabinets thinking “there has to be a way to go higher!”  And then I found these shelves!  Amazon sells these for about $15.

How do you de-clutter or re-organize your kitchen space?  Share in the comments below.

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