Story Time: The Significance of Friendships

This past week, we celebrated the infamous Valentine’s Day.  Some of you, like myself, celebrated Galentine’s Day.  Let me tell you…I have never heard of such a wonderful celebration, in my life, until this year!

Anyways… Any reason to celebrate your girlfriends?  I was in.

The night before Valentine’s Day, a group of us women went out for dinner to celebrate the gift of friendship.

While we waited for our order, we took out a piece of paper and wrote things we liked about each other/words of encouragement and placed it in an envelope for the recipient to read.

My dear friends…up until this moment, I did not realize how hard I am on myself.  The reality is, I often freely give encouragement to my friends and really anyone who can use it.  However, when it comes to my own person, with my strong “can-do-anything” attitude, I often leave myself numb to allow hurt, true joy, and rationalize every thought, action, and reaction.

Obsessed with the idea that I can always self-improve, learn more, and ultimately become my best self.

Reading note after note,  I cried like a baby as the need to always self-improve, to chase after perfection, and dream bigger began to dissipate.

Then, I began to think  “you know what?…I am enough!” and everyone (including me) can use a little encouragement every once in a while.  I will also allow myself to fail; not once, but several times… And not be afraid.  Because, there is a good chance that, with friends, you will not be the only one solving problems.  Instead, you will have a whole army willing to come along side you and problem-solve with you.

So all that to say, If you don’t have a girl squad, please get one!  A group of girls that will:

  • Build you up when you cannot do for yourself
  • Call you out when you make excuses
  • Love you in all your quirks and weird habits
  • Laugh…
  • And cry with you

Beginning solid friendships is never an easy task, but so worth the work in putting into.

Do you have a girl squad?  If so, how have they helped shape who you are?

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