Story Time: Vision in the Midst of Poverty

It was the week before Thanksgiving and we were given only a name and phone number.  We had to accomplish one task:  deliver groceries. [For the sake of privacy, let’s call the recipients Jenny and Dawn.]  Normally, for these types of missions, we are given an address.  However the one on file did not exist;  so I made the call.  After the second try, Jenny answered:  she explained that they are temporarily staying with a friend and would love to have the groceries but cannot travel to where I am.  Having planned to deliver, I took down the friend’s address and scheduled delivery time.

Delivery Day:  Approaching their door with groceries and anticipation, Jenny and Dawn welcomes us into the apartment and thanked us for the food.  They apologized for the 1st unanswered call and explained that they have received an unusual amount of “917” and telemarketer calls, lately.  Jenny shared how she also came from NY and joked about the native accent, saying infamous words like “cawfe” and “dawghter.”

Continuing the conversation, She and Dawn began to speak about their transition from living in the street to their journey out.  They named organizations that helped them along the way, as well as, their participation in helping others who are in the same journey.

While hearing this couple’s journey, you could also hear joy and hope.  They chose to continue living even through the struggle.  Last year, they got married, and with the help of some loving hands, celebrated their union with a beautiful wedding.  Dawn works and now partners with a restaurant to help feed homeless individuals.

I noted a few key things that really stood out to me from their story:

  • They lived without blame for the cards  dealt to them,
  • Dreamed far beyond their means,
  • Understood sacrifice and perseverance,
  • Believed in each other.

They have a passion and vision that keeps propelling them forward.  What courage!  Ever meet people like that?  People who defy the odds and live fearlessly, despite their circumstance.  Share in the comments below.

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