The Thing with Timeshares

About two weeks ago, my husband and I were invited to a timeshare presentation in exchange for a free stay at (3) of the [mystery companies’] locations.  If you are not familiar with these presentations, it is about a 2-3 hour long process of a salesperson(s) pitching the idea that you need to purchase a timeshare, in order to lock in your vacation stays at a discount price.

While you would have the capability of locking your stay at a discounted rate, you are still required to purchase:

  • travel
  • food
  • activities
  • and whatever else you want to do on vacation.

In a much smaller scale, you would make a similar transaction in Costco’s or BJ’s;  purchasing a membership with an annual maintenance fee.

The salesperson showed us examples of 1-2 week long vacations we would take on a yearly basis.

And that’s where I pushed the breaks…

I have donated money towards gym memberships, hoping that one day, I would get on that routine.  But the reality is, you make time for what you prioritize.  From one year to the next, priorities change.  While one year, you spend most of your days studying in the library for upcoming exams, in another, you are caring for a loved one, and preparing for a new born in the following year.

Life happens and tomorrow can be so unpredictable.

Would I love to take a week or two long vacation every year?  You bet!

However, residing some distance from many of my loved ones, I find most of my vacations goes to making time to see them.  Out of the year, we may spend a four-day weekend on actual vacation time.  But that works for us. 

And besides, who says you must go away to a tropical island to find relaxation and happiness?

I say, try to live a little each and every day. and work into your schedule activities you would actually enjoy;  for instance:

  • watching a play
  • joining a dance class
  • catching up with an old friend
  • and reading that book you’ve been meaning to get around to

Life happens right where you are.  Learn to live those 365 days and those (2) weeks won’t seem so appealing.

How do you incorporate hobbies or past-time pleasures into your day-to-day?

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