Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things

They say the best things in life are free.  I find this true with traveling.  Even after paying for a rental car, fuel, toll, food, accommodation, etc-  all of those things will simply not trigger the happy gut.

So, hear me out…

This past weekend, we packed up the car and made our way to CT for one of my friends’ wedding.  Having planned to make it a road trip, we thought it’d be a good idea to make a stop along the way and visit some of our close friends and family… And as a person who adores budgeting, there are just some of things that are simply priceless.

Here are a few of my in-valuable people, places & things that trigger my happy gut. 🙂

A Pit Stop in Pennsylvania

Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things

Since, the wedding was on a Friday evening, we decided to hit the road Thursday night and stop at one of my friend’s home near Reading, PA.  This stop was about 5 hours from VA Beach and 4 hours to the wedding destination in CT.

Not only were we graced with good rest, but also were able to:

  • eat a home cooked breakfast
  • catch up with a good friend
  • meet her new pup
  • hug and kiss her sweet baby

$$$- Priceless.

A Wedding Ceremony in Connecticut

Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things

I have not attended many weddings, don’t keep fancy dresses… and on a budget.  So, I went to my most fashionable friend Tilley’s Threads and raided her closet.  Dear friends… she hooked a sister up!  She pulled a dress, bracelet and clutch!  Sooo much better than shopping at the mall.  If you get overwhelmed with shopping for special events and cannot interpret accessories…get yo’self a fashionista-friend!  They are wonderful. 🙂

$$$- Priceless.

Sweet Nothings in New York City

Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things


After the wedding, we traveled 2 hours south to Queens, NY and right-away made plans to see some of our closest friends and family.  We easily spent hours at a time catching up on family happenings, work, new hobbies and future plans.

The day photographed, was a Monday (last day full day before we left back home to VA Beach)  We took an hour long train ride to Manhattan, walked to the newly built World Trade Center (made of marble!)  and met with my dear friend (bestie from the 7th grade).

When in NYC, do like the NY’er and walk… And so we walked:

  • From WTC to the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Over the bridge
  • To the Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • …..took a break at a super cute bakery
  • Walked to and over the bridge
  • Back to WTC

Common denominator?  So much walking…  But, most importantly “bridging the gap” (get it?) between our separate life experiences.  I so enjoyed hearing about my friend’s adventures, things learned, and people met along the way.  Times like these, we try to keep transparency prevalent, ears wide open, and place all “I’s” aside .

$$$- Priceless.

More Photos…

I Present to You the… NYC Skyline (Taken From the Middle of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things

Neighboring to the left, is the Manhattan Bridge- Brooklyn (Dumbo area) to the rear

Traveling on a Budget: In-Valuable People, Places & Things

What are some priceless moments you find during your travels?  Please share in the comments below.

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